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Published Date : 2022-02-04
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Ecclesia in Africa: What is this Church?

By: Paul Béré, SJ

The Church in Africa is making its presence felt, ensuring that it is being talked about. Is this really perceptible at first glance? For some, there is not “one” Africa, but “many” Africas, which can only be perceived through a polychromatic window of many shades. Yet, when African Christians – especially sub-Saharan Christians – talk about Africa, the issue of cultural identity seems to come to the fore as an absolute and non-negotiable value. Added to this is the political...

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Serving Life When Everything Collapses

By: Xavier de Bénazé SJ

The current ecological crisis causes a large number of our contemporaries to suffer from eco-anxiety. One way to acknowledge and overcome it, rooted in the experience of the cross and resurrection, is Christian hope. Attention given to our “common home” therefore should be a work of consolation and peacemaking, guided by the Holy Spirit, to build true “oases of resurrection.” In mid-July 2023, Le Châtelard, near Lyon, hosted its first Christian eco-spiritual retreat, as part of the Jesuits’ new spiritual...

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The Vulnerability of Young Adults in the Coldest Demographic Winter in South Korea

By: Jeong Yeon Hwang, SJ

On the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth in 2021, Pope Francis revealed his serious concern about the low fertility rate in countries like Italy, using the expression “demographic winter.”[1] He urged us to raise awareness and tackle the demographic decline that poses a threat to our families, our nation, and our future. In that year, the total fertility rate of Italy remained at 1.25.[2] A birth rate lower than the population replacement rate of 2.1 has been a...

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Anglicans and Catholics on the Way to the Future: Lessons from Malines

By: Keith F. Pecklers, SJ

The 10th anniversary of the “Malines Conversations Group” was celebrated on Friday, December 15, 2023, in Westminster Abbey.[1] Addressing those present and commenting on the group’s work over the past decade, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said, “What a sign of hope it is, for both our communions, that a group of Catholic and Anglican theologians could meet in friendship and work together to address some of our remaining disagreements! The unity of the Church of Christ is a...

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Weird star research continues at the Vatican Observatory

By: Fr. Chris Corbally, SJ

Stars might not come to mind at the sight of the word “barium”. Something unpleasant might. Barium, a metallic chemical element whose atoms contain 56 protons in their nuclei, has many uses. One use involves X-ray images of the gastrointestinal tract—hence, “something unpleasant”. Fr. Chris Corbally, S.J., an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, is studying something both pleasant and weird involving barium—a barium star. This past October, Corbally and a group of twenty-eight other astronomers published the paper “TU Tau...

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Saint Thomas Aquinas: An Important Heritage

By: Ottavio De Bertolis, SJ

Receiving an Inheritance When we receive an inheritance, many different things can happen. One option is we can ignore it and so forfeit it to others. Or we may divide it among relatives and friends, with each taking a small share; but the real value was to be found in the totality of the bequest, and if thus dispersed it somehow loses its greatness. We could throw a big party in memory of the wealthy relative, or take a relaxing...

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