Published Date : 2024-02-16
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The ‘Family’ as a Philosophical Issue in China

By: Benoit Vermander, SJ

China’s looming demographic crisis has brought to the fore conflicting views in today’s Chinese society on what a “family” should be. In practice, the Chinese family has become nuclear: a couple and their child form the unitary nucleus through which family members support each other and protect themselves as much as possible from external pressures and conditioning. Often, after a child is born, the family unit is joined by the parents of one of the spouses to help the young...

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Postdigital Schooling

By: Klaus Mertes, SJ

I am in favor of postdigital schooling. This term does not mean a return to predigital schooling, in the same way that “postmodern” does not mean a return to “premodern.” Rather, postdigital schooling means that in the digital age, analog interaction in schools has become even more important than in the past. “In the future, schools, colleges and universities will have to promote analog teaching more strongly with compulsory attendance and oral examinations,” because, “for a person, the most significant...

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Psychogenealogy: An Aid to Physical and Mental Health

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

What is psychogenealogy?      The field of psychological research recognizes that human beings receive not only the biological and genetic heritage of their ancestors, but also a psychological heritage; traumas, successes, failures, accidents, even illnesses sometimes have their origin in the remote history of one’s ancestors. Thus, seemingly like a chain of transmission, one often comes across puzzling facts that may find their explanation by going back to the events of the past and accessing the family tree. Psychogenealogy, as a...

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Presidential Elections in Argentina

By: Eduardo Daniel Alonso, SJ

On December 10, 2023, Javier Milei took office as the new president of Argentina. He won the November 19 runoff election with 55.69 percent of the vote, prevailing over former Economy Minister Sergio Massa, candidate of the outgoing government coalition led by Alberto Fernández, who reached 44.3 percent. The percentage of voters was 76.35 percent, with 1.55 percent ballots blank and 1.62 percent void.[1] Argentina is a representative democracy with a presidential character, a federal republic divided into 23 provincial...

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Abuse in the Name of God?

By: José Manuel Martins Lopes, SJ

This article reflects on abuse as a distortion of the exercise of authority and the way of living out obedience, a virtue that unites all Christians and identifies them with Christ, who was himself obedient to the Father even to death on the cross.[1] A fortiori, identification with Christ in obedience is experienced by consecrated persons when, by virtue of the vow, they commit themselves to obey their legitimate superiors. Similarly, the same is experienced by deacons and diocesan priests...

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Networks and Networking as Tools, Practices and Expressions of Synodality

By: Roberto Jaramillo Bernal, SJ

In his pastoral practice and speeches, Pope Francis has insisted on an element that appears fundamental in his evangelical call addressed to the Church, viz., synodality. It cannot be said to be a perfectly understandable and univocal term, which makes the task of the present article more difficult, but nevertheless interesting. The synthesis document of the First Session of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod – which met in Rome October 4-29, 2023[1] – refers to this concept frequently....

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