Published Date : 2022-03-15
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Europe and Christian Values: An incompatible pair?

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

A sign of a trend A proposal contained in guidelines of  the European Commission, released on November 29, to abolish a set of expressions to enable “correct communication” caused much discussion.[1] Among them, the wish for a “Merry Christmas” was to be replaced by “Happy Holidays.” It is a sign of a more general tendency to erase from Europe anything that does not appear to be in line with what is considered to be the common feeling;  think of the...

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Continuing the Fight against Abuse: The Sauvé Report and the French Bishops

By: Federico Lombardi, SJ

On October 5, 2021, a long-awaited Report was published and presented to the French press, the result of the work of an “Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church” (CIASE) chaired by Jean-Marc Sauvé, an authoritative former president of the Council of State. The Report had been commissioned two years earlier by the French Bishops’ Conference and the Conference of Women and Men Religious to study more deeply the history of sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable persons from...

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Pontormo’s Drawings, Times and Counter-Times

By: Lucian Lechintan, SJ

For a moment, Rome’s winter sky did not want to smile, as usual, at the familiar beauties of the capital, but rather at its most hidden ones: two brief and select exhibitions of 16th century High Renaissance art  that were being held at the same time. The first, which ended in January 2022, took place in the Vatican as part of the Vatican celebrations of the Raphael Year, and was dedicated to the paintings depicting Saints Peter and Paul by...

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Entrepreneurship and the Earth

By: Edmond Grace, SJ

The prevailing view of business as being primarily motivated by profit is both harmful and inaccurate. It is harmful in that it skews public policy in favor of those whose sole concern is to make money. It is inaccurate in that the primary motive of any entrepreneur worthy of the name is to achieve an outcome of human worth. Profit will always be an essential measure of success in any business but, if it is the primary goal, it is...

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The Renewal of Theology as a Dialogue from Within

By: Card. Michael Czerny, SJ

In this article we intend to reflect on the dialogical style that – according to the Magisterium, starting with the Council – is at the heart of theology and theological formation. Then we will examine various forms of dialogue and renewal within a theological faculty. The reflection will culminate with dialogue as a style of  theology docile to the Spirit.[1] Since Vatican II Reflection on dialogue and renewal begins with the paradigm shift brought about in the Church by the...

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Religious Life:  From chaos to ‘kairos’?

By: Victor Codina, SJ

An unprecedented crisis in Western religious life Historians of religious life know well that in the course of Church history some religious institutes, both male and female, have disappeared after years of fruitful life. They also know that each new cycle of religious life – the transition from monasticism to mendicancy, from mendicancy to modern apostolic congregations – has in some way thrown the previous cycle into crisis. Time to recover and adapt has been needed. This is a positive...

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