Published Date : 2024-05-15
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Michel Kichka: Jewish Cartoonist for Peace in Israel

By: Giancarlo Pani SJ

Over thirty years ago, Palestinian cartoonist Naji al-Ali, who featured in a recent article, was already calling for an end to conflict with his cartoons.[1] In Israel, too, there are Jewish cartoonists committed to peace. One of the most prominent is Michel Kichka, who was born in Liège in 1954 and emigrated to Jerusalem at the age of 20. He is the author of the recent graphic novel, The Other Jerusalem.[2] The volume is the latest in a trilogy in...

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African Missions between Universalism and Nationalism

By: Jean-Paul Savi, SJ

In 1622 Pope Gregory XV created Propaganda Fide. This Roman congregation was tasked with keeping the mission of evangelization away from political control, as had occurred under the Padroado system.[1] It was also a way for the Church to regain control of the fundamental mission of evangelization, which was by this stage established as universal and supranational. This mission was thus to be exercised without distinction of nationality. This specific character of the mission of evangelization was in line with...

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Indonesia’s Elections and the Future of Democracy

By: Heinrich Angga Indraswara, SJ

On February 14, 2024, Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country and largest Muslim democracy, conducted its fifth presidential and legislative elections since its transition from authoritarianism in the late 1990s. The presidential election involved three pairs of candidates. The first pair was composed of Anies Baswedan, former governor of the capital Jakarta and Muhaimin Iskandar, leader of the Islamic National Awakening Party. The second pairing consisted of Prabowo Subianto, a former Army general, and Gibran Rakabuming Raka, mayor of...

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Gaza: the War and the Humanitarian Crisis

By: Giovanni Sale, SJ

Israel’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Strategy The hope held by many, especially in the West, was that with the beginning of Ramadan in early March, a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas would come into effect. With more than 34,000 dead (mostly civilians) and starvation now a reality, negotiators, meeting first in Paris and then in Doha, hoped to bring relief to Gaza’s population, harried by more than six months of fighting.[1] After the scheduled deadline, the Tel Aviv government, as it...

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The European Elections: Some Crucial Issues

By: Benoit Willemaers, SJ

Introduction Europeans will be called on to vote for their representatives in the European Parliament, from Thursday to Sunday, June 6 - 9, 2024. In a year marked by elections in many key countries (United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Pakistan to name only a few), the European elections might be an outlier, not being national elections, but they are certainly not the least important. Almost 400 million European citizens are eligible to vote. This makes the elections second only to...

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Pleasure: A Synonym for Happiness?

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

The modern era presents a major difference from the past in the way happiness is regarded.[1] For the ancients, and also for Christians, it was the reward of the virtuous person, closely related to good deeds, the result of hard work and education. Moreover, it was linked by believers to a religious dimension; it was viewed by them as a gift from God. In the current era, happiness tends to become synonymous with emotion, with a subjective sense of “feeling...

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