Published Date : 2023-04-13
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The Atlas of Francis: The Vatican and international politics

By: Cardinal Pietro Parolin

On March 13, 2023, to mark the 10th anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, La Civiltà Cattolica organized a presentation of Fr. Antonio Spadaro’s volume “L’atlante di Francesco. Vaticano e politica internazionale” (The Atlas of Francis. Vatican and International Politics). The President of Italy’s Council of Ministers, the Hon. Giorgia Meloni, and the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, were guests of honor. Below we publish the text of His Eminence’s speech.  I would like...

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What is God’s Time? Mercy in the Pontificate of Francis

By: Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Ten years after the election of Pope Francis, it seems appropriate for us to return to one of the pillars of his pontificate: mercy. It can be identified as the “name of God,”[1] but also as God’s “time.”  That mercy has been a pillar of his pontificate can be deduced, first of all, from the fact that on the eve of the Fourth Sunday in Lent, at St. Peter’s, on March 13, 2015 – the second anniversary of his election...

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Death as a Gift

By: José Ignacio González Faus, SJ

Current advances in science have meant that medicine has been able to prolong life, but not enhance its quality; very often medicine succeeds only in postponing death. This has given rise to the act of  “euthanasia,” by which, rather than a good death, people mean a good path toward it, and claim  “the right to die with dignity,” which, according to the egotistical way we humans tend to reason, confuses dignity with the absence of discomfort and with not needing...

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New Religiosity in Italy

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

End of religion? For a long time the mantra of the “abolition of religion” (to borrow from the title of Richard Schröder’s provocative essay) has resounded insistently in the West. Philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, scientists and writers have competed to predict its end. The most famous change  that characterizes this line of thought is  the withdrawal of those of  religious commitment and the progressive diminishing  of the sacred dimension in the affairs of the world. The underlying assumption of such a...

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Pius XII, John XXIII and Russia

By: Giovanni Sale, SJ

The relationship between the 20th-century popes, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation is often the subject of discussion. Some publications have given hasty and not always correct answers to questions raised. In this article we will deal with two pontiffs considered by some historians as antithetical; different in character and sensibility, but who had in common a great respect and love for the Russian people, even considering the historical period  in which they lived. Pius XII and the Soviet...

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Does Populism Exist in the Church?

By: Álvaro Lobo Arranz, SJ

One only has to take a look at the media and its coverage of current events to see that in this 21st century the virus of populism has spread far and wide, settling in virtually all corners of the globe. It stirs conflicts, waves flags, undermines institutions. It destabilizes governments and breathes life into  ridiculous conspiracies. It lurks in right-wing and left-wing groups alike, is endorsed by progressives, nationalists and conservatives in the service of seemingly noble and just causes,...

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