Published Date : 2018-02-28
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The Development and Contributions of Religious NGOs in China

By: You Guo Jiang, SJ

Since the reforms beginning with the open-door policy in 1979, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have grown rapidly in China. NGOs do not have a long history in China compared with their counterparts in other Asian countries. In China, there is no consistent definition for NGOs and they are often referred to as “social organizations,” “nonprofit organizations,” “nongovernmental organizations,” or “mass organizations.” The policy of China from 1949 to 1979, prior to the open-door reforms, was to follow the Soviet Union’s model...

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Touching Jesus: Art and Absence

By: Luigi Territo, SJ

Contact always generates a twofold transformation, for one cannot touch without being touched. Indeed, of the senses, touch is the most compromising for it represents proximity, violation, relationship and familiarity. All in all, it is the most human and the most mystical of the senses. In biblical anthropology, “touching” is something that goes beyond the perception of physical contact; in fact, by way of touch, Scripture speaks of purification, healing, forgiveness and desire. In the Gospels the verb haptomai (“to...

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