Published Date : 2022-03-15
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Putin’s Russia

By: Vladimir Pachkov, SJ

Twenty years after the election of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia, the country is at a crossroads, a critical juncture due to the invasion of Ukraine. The situation prior to the conflict was essentially positive. Despite strong state monopolies, Russia basically has a capitalist economic system and can operate much more efficiently than its predecessor, the USSR.[1] The government is technocratic and innovative (in terms of technical innovations and the digitization of the administration), but has failed to shift...

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‘Forced Migration’ in Central and North America

By: Rafael Moreno Villa, SJ

Across continents migration scenarios show many similarities, but there are also some regional differences. This article aims to describe what is happening in Central and North America. When we speak of forced migration, we mean a movement which involves those people who are forced – whatever the legal system of the countries they pass through or aim to reach – to leave their homeland for various reasons, among which violence, natural disasters and lack of employment stand out. Human mobility,...

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Ukraine: Economic, political and cultural context

By: Pierre de Charentenay, SJ

This article first appeared in July 2014 as 'Ukraine: Possible Solutions to the Conflict' For months the international community seemed powerless in the face of a Ukraine that was tearing itself apart and becoming more deeply divided. The media closely followed the revolution in Maidan Square, the flight of President Viktor Yanukovych, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the presidential election of Petro Poroshenko in Kiev, and the war in the eastern part of the country. Such events on Europe’s doorstep in...

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Lay People as Teachers of the Church

By: Gerald O'Collins, SJ

At his weekly general audience on May 27, 2015, Pope Francis asked engaged couples to read Alessandro Manzoni’s novel The Betrothed. He knew how such writers, who are neither bishops nor priests, can have much to teach the Church about Christian faith and life. Manzoni’s classic work depicts the troubled love story of Renzo and Lucia. As a “masterpiece on engagement,” it still has important lessons for the youth of today about the heroic endurance that followers of Jesus need,...

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The Art of Communication According to Saint Gregory the Great

By: Enrico Cattaneo, SJ

Pope Gregory I (590-604) was a great communicator and wanted pastors of souls to be effective communicators.[1] This requires rules, a kind of ethics of communication.[2] Today, we communicate about everything, but problems remain: Who are the communicators? How are they trained? Who judges whether or not communication is good? According to  what criteria? How do we ascertain the truth of information? Gregory affirms that there are four ways of communicating, and he writes of this in his Latin, which...

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The First Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean: Experiences of a synodal process

By: Card. Pedro Ricardo Barreto, SJ

Embracing renewal at a time of uncertainty In the days immediately preceding the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, in February 2020, without knowing the dimensions of the storm that was bearing down on us, although we could already sense it, we were preparing for the First Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean. It was an experience animated by CELAM (Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano), in coordination with various regional ecclesial institutes of consecrated life, social ministry and others. A few...

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