Published Date : 2022-08-16
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New Cardinals for a Universal and Missionary Church

By: Federico Lombardi, SJ

On Sunday, May 29 this year at the end of the Angelus, Pope Francis announced the creation of new cardinals and set August 27 as the date for the celebration of the consistory. This is the eighth time this has happened during his pontificate. Since 2014 the pontiff has celebrated a consistory every year. The exception was 2021, perhaps because of the pandemic. Such an announcement was thus expected. The date chosen for the consistory is, in truth, unusual. But...

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Donatello, the Master Sculptor of Florence

By: Lucian Lechintan, SJ

Donatello, the Renaissance is the title of a major exhibition at the Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello Museum in Florence, staged with the desire to correct an injustice done to the Tuscan sculptor, who had not previously been the subject of a bona fide exhibition. It promises to be a turning point for studies on the art of the early Italian Renaissance, and, in particular, on the Florentine sculptor, whose full name was Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (ca....

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Are we Going to Finally End World Hunger?

By: Fernando de la Iglesia Viguiristi SJ

Let us start with a sad fact: the number of undernourished people on our planet has been increasing in recent years. It had been hoped that in 2021 the world would put the Covid-19 pandemic behind it and that the supply of food would begin to improve. Instead, in 2021, the level of world hunger rose again. This  increase reflects the exacerbated inequality between and within countries, due to differing patterns of economic recovery, and also the failure to recover...

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Deliverance From Evil: The Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 22

By: Pino di Luccio, SJ

The petition regarding temptation in the Lord’s Prayer has been reformulated in the Italian version. Instead of “Lead us not into temptation,” it now reads “Do not abandon us to temptation.” The choice was made due to pastoral concerns (lest we should think God could lead us to sin),[1] and encourages reflection on the meaning of the words of the prayer that Jesus taught (for St. Luke, at the request of a disciple; for St. Matthew, in the long Sermon...

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Christians in Israel Today: Identity, challenges and prospects

By: David Neuhaus, SJ

Since the first half of the first century, the Holy Land has been home to Christian communities whose members have played an important role both in the development of Christianity and in the evolution of society in the area. In 1948, with the establishment of the state of Israel, Christians became citizens of a state that defined itself as Jewish. For the first time a Jewish majority held sway over a Christian minority, a new historical reality for both Jews...

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Rereading the Theological Ethics of Life in the Light of Pope Francis

By: Jorge José Ferrer, SJ

The Vatican’s publishing house has recently released the proceedings of an interdisciplinary study seminar sponsored by the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) under the title Etica teologica della vita. Scrittura, tradizione, sfide pratiche (Theological Ethics of Life: Scripture, tradition, practical challenges). The participants responded to a basic text (BT) previously developed by a group of theologians convened by the PAV. The service PAV offers to the Church includes the  fostering dialogue among voices expressing different cultural and theological sensitivities so...

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