Published Date : 2022-02-01
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Why More Coups In Africa? The responsibilities of the African Union

By: Fidèle Ingiyimbere, SJ

There was a time when it was believed that the era of military coups was over in Africa, as elsewhere. Unfortunately, the reality, at least on the African continent, seems to be different, given the recent succession of coups, some successful, others not. The most recent were those in Mali, Guinea, Chad and Sudan.[1] This trend is all the more worrying as these events occur in the area of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), in other words...

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Jean-Luc Nancy: A challenge to Christians of the third millennium

By: Andreas Gonçalves Lind, SJ

One of the most influential philosophers of our time, Jean-Luc Nancy (1940-2021) died on August 23, 2021, at the age of 81. The legacy he leaves could be considered “immense.” Nancy is a truly important philosopher, not only because of the more than one hundred works he published, but especially because his writings cover many different fields, ranging from politics to psychoanalysis, from art to religion, passing through phenomenology and hermeneutics. Throughout his philosophical journey, he brought great originality to...

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‘I will overcome gravitational currents’: Franco Battiato’s conception of physics

By: Paolo Beltrame, SJ

A polychromatic vision Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow is a 1992 novel by Danish writer Peter Høeg.[1] Smilla is a young woman living in Copenhagen. Her mother was a Greenland  Inuit who died young. Despite the years spent in Denmark, Smilla has never managed to adapt to the environment. She spends her days alone, with only the company of Esajas, an Inuit child,  who sees her as the only person who can take care of her without  her being afraid....

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John Wu Ching Hsiung (吴经熊): A Catholic philosopher of law and educator

By: You Guo Jiang, SJ

Christians of the 21st century, both in China and the West, have neglected or forgotten the brilliant and prolific jurist, poet, educator, philosopher and Chinese Catholic scholar John H. Wu. His writings in legal philosophy, his dialogue with the West, his spiritual journey, his contribution to evangelization in China, his translation of the New Testament, the Psalms and the Daodejing, and his vision of inculturation had an enormous influence on the Republic of China and the Catholic Church of that...

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Whose Brothers and Sisters? Three criteria for an impossible fraternity

By: Emmanuel Sicre

There is nothing new about stating that we, as human beings,  need to live in fraternity,  nor in adding that this is an urgent matter. We do not  doubt that this cry has been raised down  through the centuries by people who have given their lives for this ideal. What always requires a  new approach, however, is to do so in each different context. We must ask the Spirit to show us with creative fidelity what new ways, what updated...

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The Atlantic Divide

By: Drew Christiansen SJ

Biden’s first steps The term “affront” has been used to describe the AUKUS deal that saw Australia cancel without notice a 2016 contract worth $60 billion to purchase diesel submarines from France. Instead, Australia would now buy nuclear submarines from the U.S. and the UK. The French were understandably offended by the switch and particularly by the decisive role of the U.S., its two-century-long ally, and the major beneficiary of the new deal. To express his dismay, President Francois Macron...

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