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Published Date : 2022-01-26
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Gorbachev: A Portrait

By: Vladimir Pachkov, SJ

In contemporary history, few people arouse so many conflicting opinions as Mikhail Gorbachev. Some extol him as the man who saved the world from nuclear apocalypse and also as the man who gave freedom to the peoples of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. Others, however, especially in Russia, regard him as the man who destroyed, not only a great state, but also the lives of countless citizens, who were reduced to misery by the reforms he introduced, or even...

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Educational Poverty and the Future of Education

By: Stefano Del Bove, SJ

Autumn is a time of extraordinary importance, given the resumption of school activities. The summer months seem a distant memory. They were traditionally a time for rest and the deeper reflection that is difficult to set aside and cultivate intensively during the school year. They allowed us to see with a certain calm and greater clarity what had been done previously, be they positive results, failures or omissions. Then, in September  came the restart, with the challenge and fatigue of...

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The Catholics in the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East

By: Giovanni Sale, SJ

The Middle East policy of the Italian government For centuries the interests of the Latin Catholics living in the Ottoman Empire – this year is the 100th anniversary of its fall, a fate decided by the victors in the First World War – had been protected at the Sublime Porte by the representative of France. This right originally had its basis in the “Capitulations,” agreements of a politico-commercial nature that soon opened up to the protection of individuals or individual...

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Lambeth Conference 2022: The effort of walking together

By: Paolo Gamberini, SJ

From July 26 to August 8, 2022, the 15th Lambeth Conference took place at the University of Kent (England). More than 650 Anglican bishops, together with their spouses, representing about 165 countries and about 85 million faithful, gathered near the historic seat of Anglicanism, Canterbury Cathedral, with the intention of responding to the challenges that the local circumstances of the 42 provincial churches of the Communion pose to Christian faith and witness in the 21st century. The first Lambeth Conference...

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Biblical Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Enigma

By: Roland Meynet, SJ

One of the best means to better define a reality and make its characteristics stand out is to compare it with another reality, even at the cost of making the features appear harsher and forcing the contrast a little. The peculiarity of biblical rhetoric stands out better in comparison with classical rhetoric, which has been taught in schools for more than 2,000 years in Europe, more recently in America, and more widely throughout a world now dominated by globalization. The...

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Slavery and its Aftermath

By: Patrick J. Ryan, SJ

Over three decades ago, I lived in a Jesuit house in Ghana overlooking the Atlantic and the fishing port of Moree. From that house, I could see a 1612 Dutch trading post called Fort Nassau that takes its name from the House of Orange-Nassau, the royal family of the Netherlands. Portuguese merchants traded in gold and human beings on the coast of what is now Ghana from the late 15th century, but in the 17th century, the Dutch acquired by...

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