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Published Date : 2022-12-19
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Houthi Fighters Launch Attacks in the Red Sea

By: Giovanni Sale, SJ

Gaza war extends to the Red Sea The conflict between Israel and Hamas has now spread to the Red Sea. A possible third war front has opened up, which is proving to be not only dangerous but also threatens the region’s economic and political equilibrium, because in addition to those involved in the initial conflict, it involves more belligerents, such as Egypt, the U.S, Mediterranean countries and numerous others. In fact, in response to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, which...

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The Discernment of Spirits II: Consolation

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

The meaning of consolation in the Spiritual Exercises Having dealt with the theme of desolation,[1] let us now look at the other great pillar of the discernment of spirits proposed in the Spiritual Exercises (SE): consolation. While certainly more attractive than its sister, desolation, it is not without pitfalls and dangers for those who, as exercitants, seek God’s will. This is because there are also consolations that are good only in appearance and can deceive with ease (cf. SE 329-336)....

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Law and Peace

By: Ottavio De Bertolis, SJ

The non-legal premises of law A first observation is that law arises when there is no peace, that is, when there is conflict. Thus litigating parties make for a process, a time of struggle, of litigation, which is stylized and symbolic, animated by argument and counter-argument, to establish what is the law to be observed: that is, the rule to be followed to restore peace. While it is true, with the advent of the legal Codes, that a rule exists...

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The Chemistry of Tea: A Taste for Heavy Water

By: Guy Consolmagno, SJ

One of the “Adjunct Scholars” of the Vatican Observatory is Dr. Michelle Francl, professor of chemistry at Bryn Mawr College, a noted women’s university near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Along with her scientific research, she writes extensively on faith and science issues and as a popularizer of science. For example, in a recent podcast for the Vatican Observatory she told the story of tasting “heavy water” where the deuterium isotope of hydrogen replaces regular hydrogen in the water molecule. Her latest...

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Poland After the 2023 Parliamentary Elections: A Shattered Mirror?

By: Grzegorz Dobroczynski, SJ

Few moments in Polish history in recent decades have seen the emergence of a united spirit, later transformed into a collective feeling of solidarity. This was the case after the conclave of October 16, 1978, when John Paul II was elected; in the summer of 1980, when the Solidarity movement was founded; on the occasion of John Paul II’s apostolic trips to Poland, from 1979 to 2002; with the political turnaround of 1989; and, finally, after the death of the...

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Transfiguration in Christ

By: Roland Meynet, SJ

A word acquires a more precise meaning in a sentence of which it is an integral part. The word “salt” as found in the New Testament is understood only in its context: “Salt is good; but if salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it?” (Mark 9:50). And again, “Anyone who does not enter the sheepfold by the gate, but climbs in by another way is a thief and a bandit” (John 10:1). The Transfiguration is reported by...

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