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Published Date : 2022-01-25
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Gaza: the War and the Humanitarian Crisis

By: Giovanni Sale, SJ

Israel’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Strategy The hope held by many, especially in the West, was that with the beginning of Ramadan in early March, a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas would come into effect. With more than 34,000 dead (mostly civilians) and starvation now a reality, negotiators, meeting first in Paris and then in Doha, hoped to bring relief to Gaza’s population, harried by more than six months of fighting.[1] After the scheduled deadline, the Tel Aviv government, as it...

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The European Elections: Some Crucial Issues

By: Benoit Willemaers, SJ

Introduction Europeans will be called on to vote for their representatives in the European Parliament, from Thursday to Sunday, June 6 - 9, 2024. In a year marked by elections in many key countries (United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Pakistan to name only a few), the European elections might be an outlier, not being national elections, but they are certainly not the least important. Almost 400 million European citizens are eligible to vote. This makes the elections second only to...

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Pleasure: A Synonym for Happiness?

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

The modern era presents a major difference from the past in the way happiness is regarded.[1] For the ancients, and also for Christians, it was the reward of the virtuous person, closely related to good deeds, the result of hard work and education. Moreover, it was linked by believers to a religious dimension; it was viewed by them as a gift from God. In the current era, happiness tends to become synonymous with emotion, with a subjective sense of “feeling...

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The Face of God, the Face of Humanity

By: Andrea Dall'Asta, SJ

The face is a symbol of the person and the privileged place of encounter. Thanks to the face and its expressiveness, one can address another person, establishing a dialogue, entering into communion with him or her, interweaving my life with theirs. The face demands to be looked at and at the same time desires to observe. Seeing myself in another’s face, I am welcomed in my singularity and individuality; I recognize myself; I hand myself over. Being seen by the...

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Intelligence? Understanding? Wisdom?

By: Guy Consolmagno, SJ

“It’s a funny thing about artificial intelligence,” mused my friend Jerry. He is an engineer who has worked for many years using neural network computing to develop systems that allow computers to speak in natural-sounding tones. “Whenever it actually comes up with something useful, they stop calling it artificial intelligence.” Language recognition and speech generation are examples of things that computers have an innately difficult time with, but which the various forms of artificial intelligence – or rather, neural networks...

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Jesus Serving the Faith of the Little Ones

By: Marc Rastoin, SJ

In the Acts of the Apostles, Luke, the evangelist who seeks to present the Christian faith to the elites of the Greco-Roman world, tells how Peter’s shadow could heal the sick just like the handkerchiefs that belonged to Paul (cf. Acts 5:15 and 19:12). At other times, Luke is very critical of magic. He tells us that in Ephesus new converts to Christ burned talismans and magic books worth 50,000 silver coins (cf. Acts 19:19). The ancient world was fond...

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