“Generating the Future”: Francis’ apostolic journey to Chile and Peru

Diego Fares SJ

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On January 15, 2018, at 8:30 a.m., a flight with Pope Francis, the papal entourage and accredited journalists on board departed Rome for Santiago de Chile. Thus began the pope’s 22nd apostolic journey overseas, this time to Chile and Peru. Here we will try to illustrate two particular focal points – future and unity – that can act as interpretative keys of the entire apostolic journey, before presenting in further detail some moments and concluding with a synthesis.

The two fires: the future to be built and the unity that fears no conflict

A pivotal and constant theme throughout this apostolic journey was the opening up to tomorrow. In Chile, “a nation full of hope for the future,” Francis commenced his visit by expressing his vision for the country to the authorities: “A nation, more than its borders, more than its land, its mountain ranges, its seas, more than its language or its traditions, is a mission to be fulfilled.

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