God’s Sense of Humor

GianPaolo Salvini, SJ

 GianPaolo Salvini, SJ / Issue 1707 / Published Date:14 August 2017/Last Updated Date:11 October 2018

Humor is a fundamental aspect of human existence. It is a dimension that seems to be in jeopardy in western society as day-to-day conflicts and tensions run the risk of radicalization and exasperation. Humor is part of wisdom and is a gift of the Holy Spirit. If the basis of humor is to be found in the law of contrast and in the convergence of opposites – Luke’s Gospel is rich with examples – it must be concluded that God is an insuperable master of humor. He chose what is weak in the world to confuse the strong. For this reason those who have humor love the world in spite of its imperfection. Rather, they love it where it is imperfect just as God does.