‘I am a Mission’: Toward the Synod on Young People

Diego Fares SJ

 Diego Fares SJ / Issue 1805 / Published Date:14 May 2018/Last Updated Date:9 May 2020

The main theme of the next Synod, on young people, is vocational discernment. On hearing the word “vocation,” the first thing that comes to mind is the vocation to the consecrated life. However, the call of God is broader; it is not limited to “perfect” forms of life. It is also the humble and continuous universal “vocation to the joy of love”[1] that the Father addresses to everyone whenever he invites us to work in his vineyard.[2] The Lord calls upon us with undiminished hope at every stage and moment of our lives, and his call echoes with a special strength in the hearts of young people. In order to be able to hear this call and choose the kind of service where love will be embodied, it is necessary to progress in the practice of spiritual discernment.[3]

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