Is there Hope for the Future without Religion?

Giandomenico Mucci, SJ

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Reviewing a recently published volume that translates as Journey to the End of the West: Secular divergence and the rise of nationalism,[1] Sabino Cassese has written:

Darkness falls. The West disappears. We have all suddenly become racist or nationalist. Fates diverge. The human person is pushed to the sidelines. A sense of irresponsibility spreads. Society turns into a thousand recesses; it no longer has room for common goals. Well-being, solidarity and the rule of law all lag behind. Democracy is weakening. New leaders advocate authoritarian politics. People dissociate themselves from the past and the memory of war fades. The emphasis on what threatens triggers the desire for strict rules and punishment of deviance and pushes people to re-insert themselves in their own cultures.[2]

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