Issue 1904

Human Fraternity for World Peace and Life Together

The first public engagement of the journey to the United Arab Emirates – where the pope arrived on the evening of Sunday, February 3, 2019 – was an interreligious meeting held in the afternoon of Monday, February 4, at the Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi. The Grand Imam of al-Azhar and Pope Francis concluded the meeting by signing the document, Human Fraternity for World Peace and Life Together. In a separate article we give an account of the entire journey and its significance. Here, we publish the text of the historic declaration. It marks an important step in the dialogue...

By: Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Green Urbanization: A conversation with John DeGioia

La Civiltà Cattolica and Georgetown University unite in a forum On December 11, 2018, at the home of La Civiltà Cattolica in Rome, the first public meeting took place of the China Forum for Civilization Dialogue. This is a platform for dialogue between China and the West that originates in the collaboration between this journal and Georgetown University.[1] The first meeting was dedicated to the theme Global Ecological Crisis: Chinese and Western Perspectives. Speakers included the well-known journalist, author and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman, and Professor Wang Jisi, Director of the Center for International and Strategic Studies, Peking...

By: Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Pedro Arrupe: The Cause for Beatification is Open

A man of God, a man of the Spirit On November 14, 2018, the feast of St. Giuseppe Pignatelli, Fr. Arturo Sosa, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, announced to the entire Society that “the process has begun toward the possible beatification of Fr. Pedro Arrupe.” The Society of Jesus had asked the Vicariate of Rome, the place where Fr. Arrupe died, to begin the ecclesial discernment of the heroic nature of his virtues. Then on February 5, 2019, the 28th anniversary of his death, in the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the session to open the cause...

By: Elías Royón, SJ

‘All truths wait in all things’: The poetry of Walt Whitman

Born 200 years ago in New York, the American poet Walter “Walt” Whitman (1819-1892), made his debut at the end of June 1855 with Leaves of Grass. This was the same year that the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli was born, and the year Giosuè Carducci’s New Rhymes, and Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal were being composed. That same year, Whitman wrote: “The Americans of all nations at any time upon the earth have probably the fullest poetical nature. The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem. […] Here at last is something in the doings of man that...

By: Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Restlessness, Incompleteness and Imagination

On February 9, 2017, on the occasion of the publication of the 4000th edition of La Civiltà Cattolica, Pope Francis held an audience to receive the Jesuits who work for the magazine. On that occasion he proposed to the “workers” of La Civiltà Cattolica – and here the reference was specifically to “workers” and not “intellectuals” – three guiding words to animate the journal and ensure it is truly Catholic: restlessness, incompleteness and imagination. Last year, a volume came out titled Solo l’inquietudine dà pace (Only Restlessness Gives Peace)  a selection of writings by journalists from different cultural backgrounds reflecting...

By: Diego Fares SJ

Climate, the Church and COP24 in Katowice

The importance of COP24 From December 3-14, 2018, representatives of the world’s governments gathered in the Polish town of Katowice for the COP24 climate summit, to advance the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, “which set the demanding yet fundamental goal of halting the rise of the global temperature.”[1] At a time when many governments are failing to honor their climate commitments, the voice of the Catholic Church and the prophetic message of the encyclical Laudato Si’ were an important contribution to the Katowice conversation. It was a vivid illustration of the Church putting into practice the...

By: Card. Michael Czerny, SJ

'Humana Communitas' Human life in the drama of relationships

On the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL), Pope Francis sent a letter of gratitude in recognition of its service and to relaunch its mission for the future. Recalling the communal origin and destiny of the human family, the pope widens the horizon in which human life is to be understood. Life must be protected throughout its entire development, and the Academy is urged to address the issues posed by global bioethics and technologies, proceeding with discernment and fostering dialogue in the plurality of scientific wisdom traditions, religious perspectives and worldviews. The author is...

By: Carlo Casalone, SJ

'3 Faces' – a film by Jafar Panahi

Jafar Panahi is an Iranian filmmaker known internationally for his courageous films denouncing social evils in the authoritarian regime of his country. In 2010, Panahi was banned from filming after a number of movies and documentaries critical of the conditions of women in present-day Iran. Forbidden to write screenplays or give interviews he was also barred from leaving the country. Panahi did not give up and – confined to closed spaces with only the bare essentials – he directed This is not a film and Closed Curtain. In 2015, the film Taxi Teheran – his first shot outdoors since 2010...

By: Piero Loredan, SJ