Published Date : 2023-10-13
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Madagascar: A new twist?

By: Jean-Pierre Bodjoko, SJ

On November 16, 2023, the people of Madagascar went to the polls to vote for their president. Madagascar, one of the world’s largest islands,[1] located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of southern Africa, has an area of 591,896 sq. km. Its population was estimated at 29.61 million in 2022. Fifty percent are under 20 years old; women account for 50.6 percent of the population. Seventy-eight percent of the population live in rural areas and 22 percent in urban...

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The Politics of Happiness

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

An economy that is attentive to the quality of life Those who study happiness observe that accumulation of resources and the race for wealth, which are often considered to guarantee a happy life, are, on the contrary, its most significant obstacles.[1] This conclusion is not just related to the moral or spiritual life. Economists note how the monetization of existence comes at the expense of social wellbeing. This is why they advocate the need to reinstate a wisdom-based rather than...

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‘The Church is More Than it Seems’

By: Nuno da Silva Gonçalves, SJ

Born in Rome in 1955, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Palestrina in 1981, and then incardinated into the Diocese of Rome in 1988. He has served in several Roman parishes and, from 2000 to 2012, was ecclesiastical general assistant to the Sant’Egidio Community. In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Auxiliary Bishop of Rome for the Central Sector. In 2015, Pope Francis appointed him Archbishop of Bologna and on October 5, 2019, created him...

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The ‘Family’ as a Philosophical Issue in China

By: Benoit Vermander, SJ

China’s looming demographic crisis has brought to the fore conflicting views in today’s Chinese society on what a “family” should be. In practice, the Chinese family has become nuclear: a couple and their child form the unitary nucleus through which family members support each other and protect themselves as much as possible from external pressures and conditioning. Often, after a child is born, the family unit is joined by the parents of one of the spouses to help the young...

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Postdigital Schooling

By: Klaus Mertes, SJ

I am in favor of postdigital schooling. This term does not mean a return to predigital schooling, in the same way that “postmodern” does not mean a return to “premodern.” Rather, postdigital schooling means that in the digital age, analog interaction in schools has become even more important than in the past. “In the future, schools, colleges and universities will have to promote analog teaching more strongly with compulsory attendance and oral examinations,” because, “for a person, the most significant...

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Psychogenealogy: An Aid to Physical and Mental Health

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

What is psychogenealogy?      The field of psychological research recognizes that human beings receive not only the biological and genetic heritage of their ancestors, but also a psychological heritage; traumas, successes, failures, accidents, even illnesses sometimes have their origin in the remote history of one’s ancestors. Thus, seemingly like a chain of transmission, one often comes across puzzling facts that may find their explanation by going back to the events of the past and accessing the family tree. Psychogenealogy, as a...

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