Published Date : 2021-12-28
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Francis and the Abuse Scandal in Chile

By: Diego Fares SJ

The abuse scandals involving the Church and society in Chile can best be defined as an open, painful and complex wound. This article seeks to convey greater understanding of the process that Francis has instigated to heal this scourge. As this process is ongoing, the main facts and steps taken thus far are presented here chronologically. This article goes on to reflect on the criteria for discernment used by the pope to shed light on a situation in which, as...

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Psychological Observations on the Pedophilia Problem

By: Hans Zollner SJ

Recently, newspapers have given wide coverage to cases of sexual abuse perpetrated on minors by members of the clergy of the Catholic Church, especially in Ireland and Germany. Following these events, Pope Benedict XVI wrote a pastoral letter to the Catholics of Ireland.[1] On several occasions, our magazine has already dealt with this age-old problem.[2] However, due to the gravity of the matter and its recent dreadful reappearance, this time we wish to develop our approach especially from psychological and...

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The Pedophile Problem

By: La Civiltà Cattolica

In recent years the sex abuse challenge has deeply disturbed the consciences of many. This social ill has always existed and its victims are countless. Alas, too often it had been hidden under a veil of almost impenetrable silence. Both public opinion and penal legislation had not given it due attention for various reasons: in general, children were not given much consideration; it was thought that it would be impossible to prove the crime in courts due to the aura...

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The Dignity of Minors in the Digital World

By: Hans Zollner SJ

It is rare to meet with parents who are not concerned about their children’s use of the internet, particularly given the widespread presence of pornographic images on the web. What is worrisome in the private sector and for families takes on terrifying dimensions when we look at the global numbers and see the vastness and complexity of the problem. It is estimated that at the end of 2018 51.2 percent of individuals, or 3.9 billion people, are using the internet,[1]...

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Combating the Culture of Pedophilia

By: Giovanni Cucci, SJ

In a previous article,[1] we attempted to outline the characteristics and personality of those who commit acts of pedophilia, both in general and specifically within the Catholic clergy. We noted the complexity of this situation and the difficulty of reaching firm conclusions, particularly regarding prognosis and therapy. This difficulty, in turn, sheds new light on the manner in which this topic is often examined, and the ambiguity which is involved. A strange silence In a climate marked by cases of...

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Child Protection: From awareness to engagement

By: Federico Lombardi, SJ

In an earlier article I gave an overview of the main stages of the clerical sex abuse crisis and the response from the Church during recent pontificates.[1] Now I wish to present some examples of local documents and on-the-ground initiatives. This will help gain a better understanding of the lines along which the response of the Church develops, where it is already clear and operational. It will also show which lines of approach can be developed where first steps are...

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