Philosophers of Contagion: How intellectuals perceive Covid-19

Cristian Peralta, SJ

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The outbreak of a new disease leads to uncertainty and fear, especially if we are among those most vulnerable. Depending on our ability to protect ourselves and our access to medical devices, the threat affects the way we understand it and respond. Here we want to explore a specific characteristic of the viral threat that affects us: its ability to reveal. 

Covid-19, silent revealer of hidden realities

To unveil is to discover something hidden, to bring it to light, to remove the veil and reveal. Covid-19, among its many connotations, is a silent revealer of many realities that often remain hidden in the everyday life of economic, political, social and cultural systems in which we are immersed in one way or another. Crossing rigid and guarded borders, it has denounced xenophobic, nationalist and racist policies whose discourses it has made unconvincing.

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