Poaching: a moral issue and a failure of the market

James J. Spillane, SJ

 James J. Spillane, SJ / Culture / 15 April 2018

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Julius Nyerere and the Arusha Declaration (1967)

Mwalimu (teacher) Julius Nyerere (1922-1999), the first President of Tanzania, believed we have a moral duty to protect the resources present in our country. So Tanzania, which has an area of 945,000 square kilometers, has devoted 1200,000 sqr kms to wildlife conservation with 14 national parks, 31 game reserves and 38 game-controlled areas.

The area of the country’s wildlife sanctuaries is nearly the size of the United Kingdom (232,535 square kilometers). Tanzania is not only endowed with the richest variety of fauna and flora but its successive governments have demonstrated leadership and commitment in conserving this endowment for current and future generations of humanity.

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