Prayers for Hope and Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic

La Civiltà Cattolica

 La Civiltà Cattolica / Free Articles / Published Date:14 May 2020/Last Updated Date:19 June 2020

We – you, me and all our fellow human beings – are in the midst of facing a mighty challenge. It would be superstitious to believe that prayer will find a vaccine and banish the menace of the contagion.

But God’s companionship as we face the challenge is essential to our remaining resolute and determined to meet our challenges. And, as in all science, there’s something deeply mysterious about how the flash of enlightenment comes to our aid in unexpected ways and unpredicted times.

Pope Francis is right to invite us to remain faithful to praying for the successful outcome of scientific efforts to find a vaccine and to remaining caring of the victims of this misfortune.

La Civilta Cattolica

And so, May 14 has been designated as a day of universal prayer for our deliverance from the scourge of the pandemic and for the success of scientists in supplying us with the remedies we need to prevent further suffering, hardship and disruption.

As a free gift to our subscribers, we have selected texts for your prayer on this day from the Pope and others to assist you.

In Christ, Michael Kelly, SJ

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