Sadness: Precious Teachings from this Emotion

Giovanni Cucci, SJ

 Giovanni Cucci, SJ / Issue 1704 / Published Date:10 May 2017/Last Updated Date:28 January 2019

Sadness, along with the vast array of synonyms which are difficult to distinguish precisely, is certainly not a desirable or attractive feeling. As a result, since World War II, we have tried to eradicate this feeling, to propose a vision of existence that symbolizes perfect serenity. The article shows the attempts of this exclusion and the costs incurred, and highlights the importance this feeling has for a healthy and full life from the spiritual and psychological points of view. Sadness, in fact, is part of life and helps us to grasp life’s rich nuances. In particular, sadness is not the opposite of joy, but actually makes it possible, because sadness represents its mirror, as night does day, and offers valuable lessons for us to live well.