The TV Series ‘BeTipul’ Healing Trauma

Marc Rastoin, SJ

 Marc Rastoin, SJ / Mission / 29 July 2021

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In 2005, a series called BeTipul (In Therapy) appeared on Israeli cable tv. It has since been sold and adapted in many countries. The first to do so were the Americans at HBO in 2008, taking almost everything from the Israeli original.[1] In Italy, the series was broadcast on Sky in 2013 with a well-known cast and was well received by critics and audience alike. It is currently being telecast in France.

The technical setup is extremely simple, almost elementary: a camera captures Reuven Dagan, a psychoanalyst, treating patients. He treats them for five days, at the end of which he himself undergoes a therapeutic session.

The series was created by Hagai Levi, a writer, producer and director, who has had many successes creating television series. In particular, in 2014 he won the Golden Globe award with the series The Affair, created for the Showtime channel (2014-19).

Levi almost always collaborated in writing the foreign versions, which closely follow the original script. We should not forget the important role of the other two co-writers: Ori Sivan and Nir Bergman (creator of the young athlete patient).

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