Toward a Fully Chinese and Fully Catholic Church: The path indicated by Benedict XVI and Francis

Federico Lombardi, SJ

 Federico Lombardi, SJ / Church Life / 16 January 2018

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The Chinese people and its great country occupy an important place in the heart of Pope Francis, whose vision is open to the world. He has in fact spoken about China many times in tones of cordial admiration and real trust. It is enough to remember his words when flying over China while going to and from Korea,[1] and above all in the interview he granted to Francesco Sisci of the Asia Times.[2] There is no doubt that he would be delighted to finally set foot on Chinese soil.

It is also true that the interest of Francis is shared in China, not only by Catholics, but by all those who look beyond the frontiers of the country, desiring an openness to the world and an ever more intense exchange with other peoples and cultures. Such people have understood that they have in Rome an interlocutor – one may well say a friend – on whom they can count for understanding in their effort to insert themselves into the family of peoples.

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