What Young People Think of Their Future

GianPaolo Salvini, SJ

 GianPaolo Salvini, SJ / Church Life / 6 August 2019

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The results of an international sociological research project were recently presented in Rome. It looked to explore what young people think about their own personal futures and how they view the outlook for their families and for the local and national communities in the countries where they live. The survey was based on a large sample of young people aged between 18 and 30 years in the period between March and July 2018 and involved young people from four European countries: Italy, Germany, Poland and Russia. As far as Italy is concerned, the reference institute was Eurispes (Institute for Economic, Social and Political Studies),[1] which put their research results online together with other materials that we have used for this article.[2]

The research method

Here are a few comments on the sample chosen for the survey and on the methodology followed. The survey involved 1,536 young people living in the four countries mentioned. In each country 384 people were interviewed. According to the researchers, the sample size ensures that the results are representative of each of the selected countries.[3] The technique of the survey consisted in using a method combining a classic survey (conducted face to face) and online work.

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