Miguel Ángel Fiorito, SJ


We present a classic of the spirituality of the Society of Jesus: Peter Faber’s Spiritual Memoirs, commonly known as his Memoriale, or, to give it its full title, The Memoir of some good desires and good thoughts of Father Master Peter Faber.[1] The external man At the time of origin of the Society of Jesus,… Read the full article


Active life and contemplative life We must all seek God in everything, but each person must do so according to his or her own vocation. According to the Second Vatican Council, there are only two types of religious vocation and they are characterized by the Institutes in which they are incarnated. The same thing can… Read the full article


The pastor who says, “I believe in the Holy Spirit,” should ask himself some fundamental questions to discover the action of the Spirit among his faithful. In concrete terms he will ask: “How is the Lord present in the life of my people? How do my people welcome his presence? How do my people confess… Read the full article