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Published Date : 2024-03-30
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Jacques Delors: Subsidiarity and European Leadership

By: Josep Maria Margenat, SJ

Jacques Delors (1925-2023) can be considered the architect of today’s Europe. Some considerations reflect well what Catholicism means for political action (le politique, “politics”), beyond the day-to-day action of government and management (la politique, “policy”). Enrico Letta, among others, stressed the clarity of Delors’ ethical convictions and utopian drive. His fundamental commitment to subsidiarity in the reshaping of Europe was far-reaching, as was his leadership, which was bold and at the same time pragmatic. The method, the art of consultation...

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International Organizations at Risk

By: Paul Valadier, SJ

International organizations such as the United Nations (UN) fulfill the dream of Immanuel Kant, who, as early as the 18th century, asserted that peace among peoples would only be possible and sustainable if nations came to agree on institutions that transcend the sovereignty of individual states. These international organizations have not only helped avoid some conflicts, they have also limited the possession of war materiel, nuclear weapons, in particular. They have provided for improved health care, better nutrition, greater distribution...

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The Ignatian Art of Management

By: Daniel Izuzquiza Regalado, SJ

Among the nearly 7,000 letters written by St. Ignatius of Loyola, either directly or on behalf of others, are 237 concerned with spiritual direction and friendship, 152 on the acceptance or rejection of ministries, 142 on financial matters, and 100 dealing with various issues (among which, 27 deal with pedagogical and university matters, 13 with questions arising from interactions with civil authorities, and 11 addressing issues of contracts and financing). As for the recipients, more than 1,500 letters are addressed...

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Acts 27: Storm and Salvation for All

By: Marc Rastoin, SJ

There is a relatively little-known account of a very violent storm experienced by Paul. It is narrated in chapter 27 of the Acts of the Apostles. In the Catholic liturgy since the Second Vatican Council, less than half of the Book of Acts is read, and chapter 27 not at all. The readings move directly from Acts 25:13b-21 to Acts 28:16-20, 30-31. What they omit is an amazing episode! We have an extraordinary storm, a variety of vicissitudes, a miraculous...

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Fr. Girolamo de Angelis, Missionary and Martyr in Japan in 1623

By: Giancarlo Pani SJ

Massive persecutions of Christians took place in Nagasaki in 1622 and in Edo (now Tokyo) in 1623. The fourth centenary of the persecution that destroyed Japan’s great and flourishing mission, begun in 1549 by St. Francis Xavier, has passed largely unnoticed, yet in its scale it was an event perhaps unique in the history of the Church. All missionaries were expelled in 1614, but some of them managed to remain in hiding. There were 4,045 attested cases of martyrdom during...

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Disability and Incarnation

By: Justin Glyn, SJ

The understanding of incarnation – the core concept of Christian faith – is one which is central to a healthy theology of disability. What does it mean to say Christ is human and to say that that humanity is in the image of God. If our answers to these questions are grounded in physical and mental capacity, we will automatically exclude disabled people as aberrations awaiting a cure. But what is the alternative? Nancy Eiesland famously wrote of The Disabled...

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