‘Messiah’: The Christology of a Netflix series

Marc Rastoin, SJ

 Marc Rastoin, SJ / Church Thought / 8 April 2020

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Imagine the coming into the world today of a man who could be considered by some as a messiah, Al-Masih, the envoy of God. In the age of the internet, the mobile phone and globalization, how would we account for the coming of such an extraordinary man? This is the task undertaken by the producers and scriptwriters of Messiah, a Michael Petroni series of 10 short episodes released on January 1, 2020.[1] It is a big gamble and not without dangers. We applaud their courage.

The scriptwriters and producers have cautiously and skilfully avoided any comparison of their  principal character – or of his supporters – with Catholic or Jewish religious figures. The only brief mention of the Church is at once amusing, ridiculous and inaccurate.

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